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David Lang to Emcee the 2016 Miss City Beautiful & Outstanding Teen Scholarship Pageant

We are excited to have such a seasoned professional as David Lang host and emcee the pageant the evening of March 20th, in Downtown Orlando at The Abbey. Thank you David!

About David Lang:

David is a native Floridian, earned both an undergraduate and graduate degree from the University of Georgia in Marketing. He has been employed by Delta Air Lines for 25 years as a Flight Attendant and recently was elected into Delta's prestigious Chairman's Club for exemplary customer service. David has appeared on various television shows including IVillage Live, Ellen, the Travel Channels' "31 Tips in 31 Days" and two nationally broadcast Delta commercials! He is also the host of one of YouTubes Top 10 Travel Podcasts, "Siteseer - New York"! David, and his partner Carry, are the owners of Regalia Magnificent Apparel, in Orlando, and have been wardrobing local, state and national pageant winners since 1989!

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